Steel Scaffolding

Easy Access With Steel Scaffolding

As soon as people started building higher than tip-toe height, they invented scaffolding for the required boost in elevation. The modernsteel scaffolding is a vast improvement in terms of safety and load-bearing capacity over the wooden structures used in the Middle Ages.

We have progressed even further because, in Queensland, scaffolding can be hired for almost any construction or remedial project to buildings, towers, bridges and ships.

What You Should Know About Scaffolding Hire

There are many types of steel scaffolding systems, each with its positives and negatives. It is important that you choose the correct technique for the project at hand, as the erection of the scaffolding can be a timeous project in itself and having to replace one system with another partway through construction or repairs will be disastrous. Safety must also be a primary factor dictating the final choice. We offer the three most popular steel scaffolding for hire, being:


  • Kwikstage. This system is probably the most common modular scaffolding when properly erected with safe working platforms. It provides a versatile and robust access solution that can reach heights of up to 100 metres. The system consists of a limited number of universal parts yet allows for intricate structures to be built, irrespective of space constraints and ground conditions. Options include trapdoors in the platforms and stairs, making movement between the levels safe and easy.
  • Ringlock. This modular scaffolding does not contain loose components. It fundamentally centres around rosettes to which up to four horizontals and braces can be attached by simply using a hammer. Ringlock scaffolding is the best option for complex elevations and shapes where angular flexibility is required. It has a high-load capacity and features all the requisites like stairs and platforms. An inherent feature of the design is that each component contributes positively towards the stability and strength of the overall scaffolding construction.
  • Tube and coupler. As the name suggests, this form of scaffolding is simply steel tubes lashed together using various types of couplers. It is a very versatile system but also labour intensive to erect. Its simplicity also means that it lacks other methods, such as dedicated walkways, stairs, and designed-in safety features. Therefore, we recommend it primarily for smaller, temporary scaffolding work where flexibility is required.


What You Can Expect From Elite Access Solutions Regarding Scaffold Hire

Your company’s new project probably requires expertly erected scaffolding to be compliant with current safety regulations. Thus, it is vitally important that scaffolding contractors can provide more than just the necessary parts and pipes but a complete solution. Our standard process as certified scaffolders is comprehensive and consists of multiple stages:


  • Consultation, design, and planning. We study the project’s plans, do extensive site inspections and offer advice during the pre-tender and consultative process to determine the best-engineered solution for each project. We then design the required scaffolding to be constructed and provide certified plans and shop drawings, which we include in your proposals.
  • Installation. Our experienced and certified scaffolders will erect the scaffolding, thereby ensuring that the meticulously designed plans are followed down to every bolt. This prevents negligent or accidental damage to the building, which is particularly important when doing remedial work on existing structures. We adhere to a safety-first approach.
  • Maintenance. We adhere to a safety-first approach where our scaffolding is concerned and incorporate it into the design drawings and our thoroughly efficient erection of the scaffolding at the building site. However, safety is continual. Hence, we do routine inspection and maintenance of our erected scaffolds every 28 days. Of course, if the specifications of your project dictate a shorter cycle, we’ll be there for the inspection and scaffolding maintenance on time and every time.
  • Dismantling. All projects eventually come to an end, and once that happens, we’ll expertly and with utmost caution dismantle our scaffolding in such a manner as not to cause damage to the building or surrounding area. Everything is accounted for and cleaned up, leaving our part of the construction site spotless.


Related Services We Provide to Scaffold Platform Hire

We do the standard scaffolding and also these special use cases:


  • Portable scaffold hire. Sometimes simple access to a certain height is required for a limited time, but such that using a ladder is either impractical or dangerous. Portable scaffolding that can be moved around on castor wheels, negating the need for constant dismantling and assembly, is the obvious answer–perfect for roof repairs of houses.
  • Public access. The renovation of buildings often necessitates continued access by the public. We design, certify and install temporary stairs, ramps, tunnels and bridges for safe public access through and over areas where work is done, either as part of the scaffolding installed by us or as separate installations.
  • Suspended scaffolding. There are times and situations when standard scaffolding will not work, for example, when doing remedial work to bridges or where the area requiring work is higher than the safety limitation of scaffolds. Therefore, using suspended scaffolding becomes the only option.


About Elite Access Solutions

We are a company with over fifteen years of experience in the scaffolding business. We pride ourselves on our signature safety-first approach to each of our projects, no matter the size or the client. Our policy is building sound relationships with contractors by offering extensive involvement at all stages of construction or remedial work contract, thereby ensuring a solid return on investment for future business, both for you and us.



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