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Whether you’re working on new builds, renovations, or residential maintenance, Elite Access Solutions can build safe and efficient scaffolding to help you get the job done.


You can rely on Elite Access Solutions to provide access solutions for both low and high-rise developments. We’ll identify the scope of the work and create best-practice scaffolding and access solutions.

Remedial & Insurance

For cladding replacement, painting, re-roofing, storm damage and any other restorative work, you can rest assured that Elite Access Solutions will provide you with the best advice, guidance, and solutions.


Industrial & Infrastructure

The Elite Access Solutions team has years of experience working in the industrial sectors. We understand the unique challenges and access requirements of a variety of industries such as mining, bridges, railways, and manufacturing plants.

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Our process

Organised & Co-ordinated

At Elite Access Solutions, we understand that not all projects are the same. We place a high importance on discovering your project goals, so that we can tailor our Access Solutions to best suit your needs. Our attention to detail makes us the number one choice for all of your access requirements.

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Step 1

Consultation and design

Our team will work with you, through project plans and site inspections. Right through the pre-tender process, and beyond, to provide valued advice and methodologies to get the job done.

Step 2


Our next step is to design, certify and engineer project specific scaffolding plans and shop drawings to accompany our proposals. We work with you and your teams to make sure appropriate consultation is maintained throughout this process.

Step 3


Our team of experienced scaffolders are the face of our company values. We engage a safety-first approach, by ensuring all of our team are highly skilled, trained and most importantly committed to a zero harm approach to our work.

Step 4


We will regularly and comprehensively check over the scaffolding every 28 days unless your site has specific rules that require more frequent checks. We can make necessary adjustments to the structure as needed.

Step 5


When you’re finished with your scaffolding, the Elite Access Solutions team will come back to safely and efficiently remove the structure from your site. All the scaffold consumables and sundry will be removed and transport will be arranged and coordinated until all works are finished.

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Our range

Types of scaffolding

We offer a range of different types of scaffolding, each with its own applications and uses. At Elite Access Solutions, we’ll work with you and look carefully at your site to choose the best scaffolding and access solutions for your project.

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We can supply, install and service, Kwikstage, Ringlock or tube and coupler scaffolding. For use for residential and commercial projects, where a more rigid structure is required. Suits block work, ground up, and covers all your basic scaffolding needs. Can be used for gantries and overhead protection to protect the public moving in and around your site.

Mobile scaffolds (or rolling towers) supplied, delivered, and installed. Does your project require a mobile tower over 4m? You will need a licensed scaffolder for the installation. We have got you covered, we can arrange delivery and installation for all your mobile scaffold projects. Perfect for homeowners looking to do a quick touch up, or painters struggling to reach with a standard trestle.

This scaffolding is perfect for use when traditional ground up scaffolding is not efficient or possible. Can be used for high density city work, where access is an issue, or over water and under bridges. Elite Access Solutions has the expertly trained team capable of getting you to those hard-to-reach places.

Lightweight Ally scaffolding is perfect for a range of different projects, from building onto and over lower roof sections to building in and around gardens and existing homes, this form of scaffolding looks great and is extremely versatile. From building in existing office spaces, to pools and tiled areas, this product allows the user to access hard to reach places without damaging the surrounding area.

Does your project require the general public to access an egress through or around your site? If so, you may require a special type of temporary form of access or emergency egress. We can design, install, and certify a wide range of Public Access compliant, temporary stairs, ramps, and bridges. Call us Today for your free consultation.